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10 Unique Landscaping Ideas for Synthetic Turf Grass

It is no secret, every homeowner yearns of having a well-manicured, pristine, and nice golf course-like lawn. A perfectly well-maintained lawn or yard speaks volumes about your astute taste and class. Maintaining a lush green garden or backyard, however, is a tall order, even for the high and mighty in our echelons.

Fortunately for homeowners, especially those operating on a budget, there’s artificial turf. Synthetic grass is a cheaper route for property owners to create recreational space with minimal maintenance costs, but with stunning beauty. This guide focuses on the ten best ideas and pointers on how to transform your regular-looking lawns or yards into spectacular masterpieces worth beholding.

Why artificial turf?

Greenspace has a magical way of rejuvenating the mind, spirit, and soul. What does this mean? Well, studies have shown that individuals who live in space with green space tend to be more happier and productive. No wonder, modern architecture always finds a way to incorporate gardens and other natural backdrops into our living and working space.

Invest in artificial turf for your newly constructed property for a lifetime of benefits and profits.

Let us now delve into the fine ideas and pointers needed to create a memorable yard or lawn, Shall we?

1. Be Artistic

Be playful when laying out of your synthetic turf. Customize its size and shape to best suit your exact preferences. Infuse options such as crop circle types, chess boards, cobble for a truly artistic landscape. Use stylish geometric designs to add artistic value to your artificial lawns. Pinterest is an excellent platform for you to borrow some pretty neat ideas on how to add real flair and style to your lawns. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

2. Designer paths

Take the time to come up with interesting and unique grass pathways for your yards. Again, it is a splendid move for you to scour around your immediate neighborhood. Look for grass shades that stand out from your neighbors’ lawns. If you so desire, you can cut and shape the imitation grass to take on the shapes of your porches.

3. Decorize

There’s an endless plethora of decor’s you can use to lively up the artificial grass. The ever-growing landscaping niche has presented limitless options for you to use when beautifying your gardens or yards. You have the option of securing your turf using small tables or bordering its partitions using small stones. The choice is entirely in your hands. Go online and search for some of the interesting décors that other people use to spruce up their lawns. Alternatively, utilize your creative process to decide on the best décor to put up in your yard.

4. Sunlight

Regardless of the size of the space, you want to carpet, there is always a need to apportion it to the right amount of sunlight. Sunlight helps to bring out the natural aesthetics of the faux grass you have installed. There is no point for you to place your product in a dimly lit area. After all, nature really comes alive when exposed to the natural elements, in this case, sunshine.

5. Organization

For your artificial lawn to really stand out, you must give it a lush backdrop. A classy lawn ought to be complemented by orderly and clean-looking furniture for its beauty to come swarming. Complement your lawns with your favorite flowers and herbs to provide them with that personal touch.

6. Pile Height

To avoid spending a great deal of your time mowing and plowing your lawns or yards, it is best to aim for medium height grass. Ideally, you are best off getting grass that measures no more than 35mm for a refreshing maintenance experience. Do not go for the extremely long grass blades as you are most likely to get overwhelmed with its maintenance during the rainy season.

7. Partitioning

It is a fantastic idea for you to subdivide your carpeted space into smaller and easily manageable regions. Have your installation experts break down the carpeted space into smaller regions as that helps you to better manage your artificial turf.

8. Add Furniture

If you want your landscape to come alive, add a seat right in the heart of your yard. Apart from the beautiful seat, you can add a table to place your stuff as you while away the hours on your lovely artificial turf.

9. Themes

Next, add some pebbles or gravels beside the shaded seat and proceed to construct a walk path. A stone path makes it easier and convenient for you to wander through the faux grass space and enjoy yourself. Line up the walk path with climbing vines and rustic terra-cotta pots for an authentic rustic look. Again, Pinterest is your friend when it comes to figuring out the latest contemporary and urban artificial grass themes.

10. Fountains

Install a fountain to keep your artificial turf looking supple. Fountain water keeps the grass looking fresh and natural. The best thing about artificial grass is that you don’t have to worry about water bills. You can turn on the fountains over the weekends to impress the neighbors while keeping your grass clean. Sprinkling water also keeps the yard looking glamorous. Synthetic lawns leave you with plenty of time for family and other activities. Watching the kids, or the pets playing in the fountain sprays on a hot summer afternoon will surely bring a smile to your face!

It is smart for you to make that switch from natural lawns into artificial grass now rather than later. Artificial grass has a ton of benefits. For starters, with artificial turf, you will never spend a dime of your cash, buying expensive fertilizers, manure, or pesticides to keep your yards looking amazing and beautiful. Ask anybody, the pros of installing artificial grass by far outweigh the cons, and that is why we highly recommend you make the switch.

Plus, artificial lawns are a potent deterrent to pests and other forms of critters. That means you get to save on pest control. Go for an artificial turf today and save countless dollars. Above all, go for faux grass to give your property an exclusive and pristine look.