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Tel: (888) 553-8873

Pet Friendly

Artificial Grass has become a common a choice for dog owners due to many struggles that occur with real grass. ETURF PRO offers several suitable options when it comes to artificial grass for dogs, in which all of them are easy to clean and great at retaining their form. The artificial turf is partially sand-filled which means no more dealing with muddy patches and paw prints throughout the house.

ETURF PRO’s cutting-edge techniques and luxury-quality grass selections can withstand the wear and tear that a pet friendly area can face. You’ll also have peace of mind with our 5-year labor warranty. If you’re in the Los Angeles or Ventura County areas and are looking to install a synthetic pet friendly area for either residential or commercial use, book a FREE consultation today!

• Minimal maintenance

• Proper drainage designs

• Fully customizable

• Boosts property value

Turf Installation LA
Turf Installation LA
Turf Installation LA
Pet Friendly Artificial Grass


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