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Behind concrete, our artificial turf is the lowest maintenance hard or landscape product you can install within your yard. General upkeep for artificial turf includes brooming, blowing or raking, and occasional rinsing and replenishment of the infill sand. General maintenance will not harm these products.

Heavy foot or pet traffic can create a matted blade effect. From time to time, you will want to broom or rake the turf to make certain that the blades stand tall. When brooming or raking becomes ineffective this may be an optimal time to consider replenishment of the infill sand. A leaf blower can be utilized to blow off any leaves or dust and garden hose to rinse off any stubborn debris. During hot summer months, you may want to use a garden hose to cool the turf. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf does not retain moisture and will feel hot to the touch in extreme heat.


Cleaning up after your pets is easy with our artificial turf, simply scoop up any solids and then rinse with water. If the deodorizer infill applied during the original installation appears to be losing its durability, a biodegradable, smell inhibiting disinfectant can be applied. Products like these are readily found at local pet supply or hardware stores. If the odor persists, please contact us about adding additional deodorizer in-fill to your project. Pet odor will be determined by the number and size of your pets, square footage of your project, and whether this is their primary relief area if they are walked consistently. Weed fabric is not installed on projects where pet deodorizer is requested as the fabric will eventually saturate and overwhelm the deodorizer in-fill sand (See WEEDS tab for additional information).

In addition to the base materials we install, our artificial turf is a weed barrier and deterrent. Our artificial turf is far more resistant to weed growth than sod or soil. All projects, outside of pet jobs (see PET ODOR), have a 15-year, commercial-grade weed fabric installed below the base material installation. However, this weed fabric can not be tucked under-slab overpour or wall footings so the transition between our artificial turf and adjacent surfaces remains the most susceptible to weed growth. Regular application of a weed deterrent product and the limited exposure to water at these transitions will assure your project maintains that initial installation esthetic. Surface weeds are typically generated from an outside influence. A neighbor not properly maintaining their yard, backing, or being adjacent to an open area, canyon or greenbelt can certainly have a negative influence on surface weeds. Weed growth is not recognized under warranty coverage and is the responsibility of the homeowner/client.

The heat from reflective surfaces including but not limited to windows can cause the quality, integrity, and esthetics of the artificial turf to be compromised and is not covered under warranty. The best way to prevent reflection from windows is to use a window film, screen, coating, or shade. All efforts will be made by the design consultant/salesman and the installation crew to identify potential reflection concerns while on site but due to the change in the location of the sun relative to the time of year eTurf Pro can not cover window reflection or burns under it warranty umbrella. Installation crews, when available, will leave the homeowner/client with a small remnant piece (less than 25 SF). In the instance that a burn occurs, removal of the affected area can be removed and patched once the reflection source is identified and rectified.