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Artificial Grass

8 Things You Should Try at Home with Artificial Grass

Many homeowners use artificial grass indoors and outdoors due to its aesthetic purpose, durability, and cost-saving advantages. It comprises synthetic fibers that cover lawns and imitate the look and feel of a natural grass lawn. Over the years, artificial grass has been improved to a more realistic appearance because many people desire a cozy, secure, and beautiful home. 

The Versatility of Artificial Turf

Quality fake grass is highly versatile and will enhance the look of any space. Besides just being great for lawns, you can install it almost anywhere because it’s not living grass. This includes pool areas, terraces, balconies, and indoor areas. Also, artificial grass won’t require trimming or water; therefore, you’ll need minimal effort to care for it in your home. 
It is a simple interior design option with a stunning appearance; thus, expect it to spark conversation whenever you have visitors. 

8 Ways to Use Artificial Grass at Home

Whether you want to go for a rustic or modern theme, there are numerous ways to use artificial grass to enhance the design of your home. Here are a few suggestions we have in store for you. 

1. Custom-Built Putting Green 

If you’ve ever yearned to have a custom-built putting green at your home, you don’t have to be a millionaire to own one. You can create it all by yourself. All you need is a giant drill bit and artificial turf. 

With these in place, you’ll need to drill your desired location and place the grass over the hole. Using a utility knife, cut the grass around the hole, and there you have your indoor golf paradise.

2. Play Surfaces for Pets and Kids

If your backyard has a trampoline, swing set, or cubby house, chances are some sections of your lawn have been destroyed by play. Let’s face it – uneven grass is somewhat an eyesore. Artificial turf makes a fantastic playground surface because it is long-lasting, soft, and easy to maintain. Youngsters and your four-legged friends won’t damage your lawn. It will also be kinder to them if they fall. 

Artificial turf also makes a terrific play mat or rug for kids’ rumpus area due to the same properties. An indoor splash of green can be molded into any shape, offering infinite creative possibilities. 

3. Carpet Where Grass Has Never Been Before

Concrete is just plain ugly, whether it’s an indoor floor, patio, or aging walkway. Besides being unforgivingly hard, it’s often cold. In most homes, concrete flooring in basements usually supports dampness that fosters mildew or mold growth in conventional carpets. To avoid this, why not carpet your ugly, irritating surfaces with artificial grass instead?
Many gyms and fitness centers have switched to artificial grass to enhance the aesthetic atmosphere of their facilities. You can try a similar approach at home. 

Artificial grass feels warm and cozy underfoot, much like traditional carpets, but unlike other materials, it doesn’t stain or fade. No matter how rough-housing your gang gets in that extra basement room, it’s made to maintain its fluffiness and stand-up shape. You can use it to cover the entire floor or cut fun shapes of artificial turf to create easy-to-clean area rugs. 

4. Wall Covering

Another thing to try at home with artificial grass is a wall covering. An artificial wall cover could provide a more serene, natural, and appealing aesthetic. You may also hang things on it, such as wicker baskets, plants, and ornamental accessories. 

Artificial turf is also ideal if you have little time to maintain your lawn. Not only will it offer a contemporary look, but it will also keep out bugs and other pests. 

5. Covering Furniture

You can use synthetic turf to jazz up your home furniture in various ways.

You can use it to cover stools or even the entire couch. Make sure to buy adequate material to completely cover your furniture, with enough left over to sew the edges together. Besides functioning like regular upholstery fabric, artificial grass is extremely easy to work with and comfortable.

6. Fabric Accents

Artificial grass décor is incredibly prevalent, particularly in game rooms and man caves. Numerous displays and accents can be created using cake pans shaped like numerals or geometric patterns. Some varieties of artificial grass are light, just like heavier forms of fabric like tweed or canvas. It is easy to cut and shape the mesh backing into various sizes and shapes. You can easily cut it to fit clock faces, picture frames, and shadowbox backing. 

7. Stylish and Safe Pool Surrounds

It is no doubt that you want your pool area to make a statement. Your pool is either the hub of all fun and games or the visual centerpiece of your backyard. Artificial grass can easily accommodate the best of both worlds. A lavish strip of fake grass can make your pool area look elegant while also making it considerably safer than a typical lawn.

8. Balcony Surface

There is no reason why you can’t still take pleasure in a bit of greenery in your surroundings if you prefer an inner-city balcony to a large open backyard in the suburbs. Synthetic grass is an excellent balcony surface. It is low-maintenance, soft underfoot, easy to clean, and can be cut to fit any space’s size. You can breathe new life into the concrete jungle with a few strategically placed flower boxes or pot plants. 

Final Words

There are many things you can try at home with artificial grass. Décor made of synthetic grass works well in practically any type of layout. It’s a distinctive addition to any space where a sense of the outdoors is sought. Whether it’s used as wall accents, upholstery, or carpeting, its unique environment offers a unique impression indoors and outdoors. If you wish to create a seasonal look, swapping for other types of coverings or carpeting is easy.