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Artificial Turf On Rooftops

Guide to Artificial Turf On Rooftops

The majority of metropolitan communities have limited backyard space. Even harder to locate is a level, private yard space that’s easy to reach. Because of this, more Americans are opting for rooftop decks with artificial turf.

Artificial turf on a rooftop is a great way to create a beautiful space. Besides providing the feel and look of natural grass without needing costly maintenance of natural lawns, artificial grass will help keep weeds, insects, and other issues related to natural grass and soil at bay.

Moreover, it is attractive and comfortable. Below is everything you need to know about installing artificial turf on your rooftop.

Benefits of Artificial Turf on Rooftops

Using synthetic grass on rooftops comes with a lot of benefits. Here are some of them.

Artificial turf offers a unique and attractive appearance.

Most people prefer artificial roof turf over other decorative landscaping because it offers a nice and tidy appearance.

This grass can appear extremely attractive with well-cut turf and the right infill. Plus, artificial turf frequently increases a home’s value when installed professionally. You can create a fun space to hang out on top of your home or have a private retreat in the heart of a city.

Requires less maintenance.

Artificial turf can serve you for the long term when maintained properly. You will also require little to no upkeep if well installed. With the right PDF tiles for drainage, you will only require occasional cleaning and disinfection or infill replacement if heavy foot traffic or pets are present.

A safe place to play

Soft artificial turf provides a great play area for children, particularly in apartments or terrace homes without a garden. You can easily create a comfy, safe environment with synthetic turf, even for the most energetic kid. Children are less likely to trip on artificial turf than on stone or wood surfaces.

Your pets can benefit from it as well. Your newly made rooftop will be a favorite sunbathing spot for your dog.

Artificial turf provides extra insulation.

Many owners place high importance on improving the energy efficiency of a building or residence. Adding artificial turf to a patio on top of a top-floor patio or flat-top roof can help insulate a building (also known as green material).

The insulation layer shields from solar heat and light in both hot summer and cold winter months. Therefore, the barrier reduces utility costs and could help owners and renters save money on heating and cooling expenditures.

Rooftop Artificial Turf Design Ideas

If you have decided to go the artificial turf way on your rooftop but need more ideas, here are a few examples to improve your outdoor space.

Create a kid-friendly play area

If you have kids, artificial grass is fantastic since it gives them a place to play that is not dangerous or hard cement-like. Add a small play area with friendly turf if your roof is big enough.

Add a yard for pets

If you are an ardent pet lover, you can add a yard for them. For energetic dogs that like playing, a dog agility course will go a long way to ensure plenty of exercise for your dogs on a soft, secure bed of deck turf.

Create an outdoor event space

If you do not enjoy competitive sports, turf is also fantastic for unwinding with friends. Purchase a mini-bar, string lights, and lounge chairs to create the ideal outdoor ambiance. You could even set up some loungers for the ideal local sunbathing area.

What to Consider Before Installing Artificial Turf on a Rooftop

While adding synthetic grass to a rooftop deck is a creative, long-lasting method to improve your space, you may suffer expensive repairs if design and installation are not done correctly. Below are a few things to consider before installing artificial grass on your rooftop.

The goal of your space

Before laying artificial grass on your rooftop, know the space’s intended purpose. For example, you may use it as a recreational area where you can gather for lounging or playing games.

On the other hand, you might see a workplace gathering space for staff. Knowing the purpose of your rooftop deck will help you choose the right turf option.

Weight matters

You will not be able to install a new synthetic turf on your rooftop if you do not know whether the roof can bear the weight of installation and any other additional components.

Before creating the ideal outdoor retreat, ensure your roof is sturdy enough to sustain regular foot traffic like parties, pets, and grills. The last thing you want is to suffer significant costly repairs due to structural damage to your roof. Contact a licensed roofer to double-check if you have any doubts about its sustainability.

Your roof’s material

Even though most roof types can support artificial grass without any issues, some roofs can’t support synthetic turf.

For instance, wood roofs can decay fast due to excessive moisture trapped. Even on wood rooftops, there are specific techniques for installing artificial grass. Check with a professional roofer to know the sustainability of your roof material toward artificial turf installation.

Avoid installing synthetic grass around open fires.

If you intend to install fire pits or grills on your rooftop deck, do so where no turf is installed. Otherwise, heat and fire will permanently damage your synthetic turf necessitating expensive repairs or possibly turf replacement. As a result, you cannot put down turf where you intend to place a barbecue.

Choose the Right Turf Experts for Your Rooftop Project

Ready to get started on an artificial turf roof project? Whether you are planning a commercial or home project, hiring a professional company will go a long way to guarantee your satisfaction with your project, right from planning to finishing.

Poor installs or DIY efforts may result in unattractive spaces, uneven surfaces, or drainage issues that will not add value to your space. You don’t want to take shortcuts with this project!

Therefore, be sure to call us for rooftop turf installation. We have the right equipment and knowledge to turn your rooftop into a functional space. Contact us today!