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How To Pick The Best Turf For Your Space?

A quick Google search will tell you that there are multiple types of artificial turf available. Manufacturers produce different types of turf, which is great for lawn owners because you can choose the best style for your space.

With variety comes the question, ‘which is the best type of artificial grass?’ You are asking the right question since options can mean getting overwhelmed. And you do not want to pick the wrong one because this is an investment on your lawn.

Well, you are in the right place. The information below seeks to shed some light on selecting the best artificial turf for your lawn. Think of this as the ultimate buying guide for artificial turf. By the end of this article, you will be picking an excellent turf for your yard or space.

Factors To Consider When Picking Artificial Turf


The first thing you need to consider is how you will use your artificial lawn. The use of the property will help you select the proper backing, pile density, and height, plus the material. Synthetic turf has multiple uses based on locations and space.

It could be a lawn option for a balcony or deck where you will put outdoor furniture. It could also be a choice for kids and pets to play in a front or back yard. It could be for a commercial space like a commercial building rooftop. These considerations should guide you to the most suited and durable turf for your function.


Money should always be a consideration when investing. Whether natural grass or artificial lawn, your budget will guide you to the best choice. Luckily, with artificial turf, you do not have to worry about maintenance costs, just the upfront price with artificial turf.

Artificial lawns come in various materials, which affect the price of the grass. Additionally, the manufacturer and retailer affect the price. It is essential to set a reasonable budget because high-quality turf will always be more expensive. Set a generous but reasonable budget to cover the space you want to be covered.


Next, consider the location that requires an artificial lawn. Different commercial and residential spaces could use an excellent artificial lawn. They are present in football fields, backyards, parks, indoor areas, balconies, etc.

These spaces require different artificial lawns, so making this consideration will help you eliminate a few options. If you are going for an indoor option, ensure you understand the materials and how they can affect indoor living.

Outdoor lawns are easier, but it is always best to pick a qualified lawn installer to get you through the best choices for your specific location.


Artificial grass comes in three primary materials. Choosing the suitable material is dependent on the function, location, and budget. Artificial lawns come in:

  • Nylon. This is one of the best choices for longevity. It is common in commercial carpets. They are ideal for spaces that will get a lot of foot traffic and use. Therefore, they are on the pricier side, although they do not have a softer feel if that’s what you are looking for.
  • Polyethylene. This is an ordinary plastic for manufacturing, and it is an affordable alternative to nylon. It looks better than other artificial grass options. It is often the best choice for residential use.
  • Polypropylene. And lastly, this is the best choice if you are on a tight budget. However, it has a less realistic feel than the other options, but it is good if your space does not receive a lot of sunlight.


This is not often a factor to consider for most buyers since the primary desire is green. But most people do not know that artificial turf comes in desirable reds and even yellows. These are good choices since they can give your space a modern look that plays to your theme if you need it to. They are often artistic and thematic choices worth your attention.

However, realism is still a good choice. Luckily, artificial grass nowadays looks very realistic, and you will be free from the demands of natural grass.


Next, consider the safety of your artificial lawn. Today, modern artificial turf is safe and presents no safety risks. Still, it is essential to ensure that your turf is entirely secure. The first thing you should look out for is fire safety. Most turf nowadays is fire resistant, but it is always essential to protect the turf.

Turf is also slip-resistant, but again, it is important to check. Slipping when wet is a safety hazard that could land you in the hospital, so look for proof. And lastly, ensure that the construction of the turf did not involve any hazardous materials.


Turf grass comes with a warranty. That is one of the ways you know you will get the best product. Manufacturers offer different lengths of warranty for turf grass. It is always best to go for turf grass that provides a more extended warranty. It often indicates that the product is high-quality and can withstand foot traffic and wear. If your manufacturer does not offer a warranty, it is not the best choice in case of damage.

Retailer or Manufacturer

And lastly, ensure that you are working with a reliable retailer or manufacturer. There are many companies and retailers who offer artificial turf, down to the installation. Ensure that your manufacturer is trusted and has a track record of pleasing their clientele. Ensure they have a warranty and can do the installation conveniently.

An excellent place to find manufacturers and retailers would be online. Look up online reviews to find local manufacturers and retailers that can install artificial grass. Good companies will offer options and ensure installation completes quickly.

Another good way of finding a reliable supplier is by asking for recommendations. Rarely do people recommend service providers that did not make them happy. Therefore, if you like a friend or family member’s artificial grass, then ask for a recommendation.

And there you have it, the most important things to consider before buying turf grass. Hopefully, you now have excellent insight into picking the right one for your space.