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Interesting Ways To Use Artificial Grass Indoors

Besides being used for back patios and poolside areas, did you know you can use artificial grass to beautify various inner parts of your home or business?

Many synthetic grass suppliers are being asked to fit artificial turf within people’s homes and venues to add a touch of quirkiness to an indoor space or to bring the lush outdoor feel inside. Here are 10 ways people use artificial grass indoors.

Children’s Playrooms

Synthetic grass roll makes an ideal finish for kids’ playrooms. It offers an actual sensory pleasure to small children and is soft under the feet. Besides, it is hard-wearing irrespective of how often children step, run or play on it.

According to research, fake grass is also a great choice for hygiene since it provides a hypo-allergic solution and blocks the growth of fungus and bacteria owing to its bacteria-resistant coating. This is very important for homeowners who must consider children’s allergies and general health.

If you have kids, the best thing you can do for them is to install synthetic grass in their playroom. They will enjoy its natural feel, and you can trust that it’s 100% safe and non-toxic for them.

Putting Greens

If you have ever considered having a putting green inside your house, know that you do not have to be a millionaire to install a custom-built putting green in your home. You can build it yourself. All you need is a large drill bit and fake grass.

Just drill where you want the hole to be and place the grass over it. Cut your synthetic turf with a knife, and there you have your own golf paradise.

Wall Décor

There are ways you can do this. You can use it to line the walls to create an unusual, cool look. Imagine a lettering wall décor with writing like ‘adventure’ or ‘love’ wrapped in synthetic turf. This entirely upgrades the feel and look of your home and gives it a unique touch you will barely find in other homes.

You can also create patterns on the walls or use them to conceal your shelves to incorporate some fun touch of green into your wall.

On Your Balcony

No matter the size of your balcony, you can easily patch it green with synthetic grass. It adds a natural green look to your space and brightens your home. Unlike natural grass, it does not need special maintenance or water to survive. This is a perfect option for homeowners who want a green oasis in spaces where natural grass cannot grow.

As a Creative Furniture Design

Yes! You can also use artificial grass to jazz up your indoor furniture. You can use it to cover your living room end tables, near an indoor pool, or even on your entire couch. Make sure to purchase enough material to cover your furniture properly. Simply fit the artificial grass around your furniture, then staple gun or glue it into position. It is an easy and affordable way to update aging, scratched, or faded furniture.

On the Entryway

You can also use artificial grass as a transition from outdoors to indoors. Think about your back door or porch. Numerous feet come in or go out every day. Synthetic turf can withstand these rooms’ heavy use and lend your home a unique and fresh look. All you need to do is place the grass like a traditional carpet.

Coupled with pale-colored and freshly painted walls, the grass could remind you of the outdoors in chilly weather, and you want to stay warm and comfy inside your house.


At events or conventions, businesses use artificial grass to display their items in the booth. It adds a fun touch to their booth and attracts potential customers and visitors since they are eager to know what the booth concealed in the grass does.

It can work well for many industries, so use artificial grass to add a touch of greenery to your display stand and make your merchandise stand out from the crowd.

You just need is a staple gun and long grass. Simply take the artificial turf and attach it to your booth or table, then staple it where it has to hold. It looks great with little effort and can easily be removed if needed.

Indoor Sports Arenas

One of the primary uses of synthetic grass was undoubtedly to replace natural grass in sports arenas. This is because natural grass would not get sufficient light to grow indoor arenas. As a result, it is also ideal for placing in yours. There are standard procedures in almost all installation websites you can follow to install yours.

Place a layer of sand followed by a membrane. After that, staple down the lawn, and it will be ready to use.

Party and Wedding Venues

One way to constantly take gorgeous wedding photos is to have a beautiful background. Artificial turf offers venues the predictability and consistency they need, both underfoot and on the walls.

Even without a wedding or party theme, it can brighten up your space. Many decorators and wedding venues choose to turf the aisle to provide a focal point and some interest and color into the space as well.


Artificial grass is safe and comfortable, with plenty of bounce and volume, making it perfect for indoor sports pitches.

The grass’s surface offers a brilliant grip and can help with balance, which is a gorgeous safety and health feature in a gym. It is also easier to maintain and becomes highly durable when fitted with a shock pad.

Get Creative With Artificial Grass

If you can get creative with your artificial grass, you can use it in a wide array of settings inside your premises. No matter how you use synthetic turf, you can’t go wrong!

But, you will need help to make your indoor vision come to life. An exhibition planner or designer can undoubtedly work wonders to transform your space. While professional installers will make sure the grass looks and fits well.