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Is Artificial Grass Suitable For A Playground?

More than the classroom, the playground is where kids make their fondest memories through fun outdoor activities. Creating a fun outdoor activity demands a clean, enjoyable place. Artificial grass is great for playgrounds, landscaping, and sports fields, making it a suitable option for kid-friendly homes and schools.

Artificial grass is also worth considering if you want a safer, more durable, and low-maintenance option for your kids’ play area.

Benefits Of Artificial Grass for A Playground

This versatile product makes a great addition to playgrounds for various reasons, including:

Safer Than Other Surfaces

Artificial grass is a non-abrasive, soft material that will not graze or bruise kids while playing. Other surfaces used to cushion impacts at play areas, such as wood chips, may end up grazing and scratching children’s elbows and knees while playing.

You can also fill your synthetic turf with underlay materials to cushion falls. Its excellent water drainage characteristic also ensures the grass does not become slippery due to amassed water that can badly injure kids when playing.

Additionally, artificial grass features perforated backing that enables water passage and drainage into the ground. This means you can use it immediately after emptying an inflated pool or after it rains without worrying about mud or damage to your grass.

Easy to Clean Up and Maintain After Children Play on It

Unlike regular grass, artificial grass requires little maintenance. With regular grass, it can be challenging to create time to maintain it without kids in the area safely. And if you manage, you will have to mow and fertilize your lawn and treat growing weeds regularly.

If you run a school or daycare center, getting the work done means changing plans to keep kids off the playing area. But with artificial grass, care is much easier.

After installation, you will never have to worry about mowing, watering, or fertilizing it. Plus, it does not need any special maintenance to keep it in great condition- a good brush and a few rinses a year should keep it looking great! You may also need to pick up a few twigs and leaves; otherwise, maintenance is relatively low.

Made Of Eco-friendly Materials

Artificial turf is an eco-friendly and sustainable option that helps reduce waste while reducing the number of chemicals and other contaminants in the environment.

These surfaces are made using recycled materials and require no herbicides, fertilizers, or pesticides that can leach into the ground and nearby water sources. And since it has a lower carbon footprint than natural grass, you can feel good about installing it on the playground.


A playground needs a durable surface that can bear heavy daily use. Playground artificial grass is incredibly resilient and hard-wearing and can be used for a longer time without showing signs of wear. This means your kids can make the most of their play for many years without you having to worry about constant maintenance of the surface.

Resistant to Harsh Weather

Among the significant advantages of synthetic grass is its weather resistance. Wood chips will often stay wet after a storm, gripping your child’s skin and becoming host to all bacteria.

Rubber playground surfaces will become very hot to touch during hot weather and usually peel or cracks with weather changes. However, synthetic grass is engineered to be durable and can withstand even the hottest days without turning brown or any color fading.

During the storm, you can rely on its drainage rate (maximum of 30 inches per hour). And immediately after the rain stops, you will have a perfect dry turf that your children can enjoy again.

Customization Options

Does your child have mobility challenges or has a friend who does? It is easy to include accessible features such as ramps to synthetic grass. You can also install playground equipment on it.

Unlike the fragile real grass blades, artificial grass cannot be killed or crushed by heavy playground equipment. You can therefore convert it into a mini park and install everything your kids will love, from monkey bars to jungle gyms and swing sets.
It also comes in various colors, so you can get creative when designing your outdoor space. You can also choose a color that resembles your school colors or business branding.

No Worn Holes and Areas

One of the key downsides of maintaining a normal grass playground is that it can wear out easily as your children play. Even pet owners can have difficulty maintaining the area when dogs see it as the best place to dig. This may create a harmful environment for kids due to the increased patches of hard ground and uneven surfaces to fall or trip on.

Durable synthetic turf holds up to all wear; therefore, you cannot find patchy areas on it. It is a versatile surface that can accommodate everyone. It helps prevent holes that dogs might dig and also handle dog urine, which usually burns the grass.

Aesthetically Appealing with Natural Feel and Look

If the playground is in an arid desert climate with insufficient rainfall or at the heart of the concrete jungle, artificial grass will offer a green area to help your kids feel connected to nature all year round.

Artificial turf will transform your lawn into a beautiful sanctuary that keeps your children safe and happy while you have peace of mind. Fortunately, there are many types of artificial grass for your specific use.

Contact your local artificial grass dealer if you need guidance in choosing the right synthetic grass product for your playground. They will help you find the ideal artificial grass product for your home or business.

Wrapping Up

Playgrounds are everywhere. But, you can make a durable and safe one right in your own backyard. If you want a soft and safe surface for your child to play on, synthetic turf is the perfect solution.

It is easy to clean, and you will not worry about how spills or messes might stain your flooring. And because it can withstand heavy foot traffic, you do not have to worry about replacing it yearly.