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Parties on Artificial Grass

Tips For Outdoor Parties on Artificial Grass

Do you often find yourself hosting events? Or are you planning an outdoor bash for the coming holidays? Either way, you may be wondering how you can create a perfect party space with artificial grass.

There is more to outdoor parties than just having fun. It involves creating a beautiful layout and perfect aesthetics to keep your guests cool and comfortable. Installing artificial grass is important for anyone who wants to spruce up their event.

Besides helping you minimize your outdoor maintenance by half when prepping your space, artificial grass requires no watering, mowing, or harmful chemicals for upkeep. It maintains its spectacular emerald green color all year long, so you do not need to spend any money or time making your lawn appear presentable for your guests.

Why Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is made of tempered fibers, which bear a resemblance to grass. They are fake grass used for commercial or residential purposes. Most businesses and homeowners prefer it to natural grass due to the following reasons:


When selecting an ideal grass for your party, you should consider durability. This is important since you won’t have to renew or change it frequently. You can also extend its lifetime by keeping up with the light maintenance needs.

Ease of Installation

All you need to do after buying is simply roll it out, cut it to the desired shape according to your preferred area, prepare the area, and then lay it. This makes it appropriate to cover any floor plan. But even so, there are many reputable artificial installers near you (us included) to help with the process.

It Can Fit Any Event Theme

Most events use synthetic turf for a more visually-appealing experience. You can apply them to parties, business events, weddings, and home parties. It looks great regardless of the occasion. Given its portable nature, you can install and remove it easily and at any time.

10 Tips For Your Outdoor Party On Synthetic Grass

Try these proven tricks to create a well-planned and super fun backyard party on your artificial grass.

Get Creative with Your Decorations

Once you have set up your artificial grass, cleaned it, and brushed it well, it is time to think of additional ornaments that can improve the overall outlook of the grass. In this case, we are past streamers and balloons gracing our parties; think bigger and classier. Consider battery-powered tea lights or centerpieces if you have benches or tables to hold food.

You can also place artificial trees on your lawn and surround them with ornaments and lights. Or use garlands to add a winter wonderland effect without getting worried about whether they will destroy your synthetic grass.

Inform Everyone The Party Will Be Outside

It’s important to communicate prior by giving your guests a heads-up to wear the right shoes for your artificial lawn. If you prefer people to go barefoot (and if the weather permits), you should also inform your guests.

Have Built-in Entertainment

Let’s face it; there’s no better way to create a fun environment than entertainment. A built-in entertainment in your yard lets guests have fun and engage better with others. Your artificial grass will allow large speakers and other heavy equipment. And do not worry about flattening because you can brush up the fibers after.

Set The Ambiance With Lighting

Lighting is essential if you plan to entertain in your yard in the evening. Not only for adding atmosphere but also for making a significant difference to the look and feel of your outdoor space.

It can help you to stretch your patch visually. It can also spotlight striking features and safely guide guests on their way.

When it comes to lighting, simple goes a long way. For example, solar lanterns, spotlights, and string lighting infuse a touch of elegance and class into artificial grass.

Games to Keep Children Occupied

A game-themed party allows kids to have fun competing with their friends and challenging themselves. Games can entail stimulating mental challenges or healthy physical activity.

Some outdoor games you can set up include balloon stomp or scavenger hunt. Artificial grass is perfect for kids to play on. So do not be afraid to pick engaging games that involve rolling or falling on the grass.


While artificial grass is incredibly comfortable even on bare feet, you still need to ensure sufficient seats for all your guests at the party.

It’s, however, prudent to keep off furniture with sharp legs since this can damage the grass. You can instead opt for soft furniture such as ottomans, sofas, and beanbags. Or, soften the bottom of your furniture legs by taping some padding.

Use Quiet Colors

Besides green synthetic grass, huge, bold, brightly colored leaves and flowers make a massive statement.

Stick to a soft palate when you intend to create a calm surrounding. Flowers in pastels or white and plants with delicate or ferny leaves are good choices. Choose fragrant varieties and those that offer multi-season interest.

Create a Bar Station

Unless you are hosting a dry party, it is safe to say that a bar station is perhaps one of the most important centerpieces in your event.

It makes it easier for guests to get their preferred drinks without constantly running inside the house to get one. An ideal bar station will minimize spills on your artificial grass. Additionally, remember the cations on the table legs.

Think Easy, Simple Food

Coupled with your game-themed party treats, make sure to include some fun and easy-to-consume food like pizza, wraps, or sandwiches.

Choose nibbles that are not that messy, like pretzels and popcorn. Avoid excessively oily foods as the grease can damage artificial grass fibers. Similarly, avoid sticky snacks like candy and chewing gum.

Clean-up After

Artificial grass is durable, but leaving dirt on it poses potential damage. So, after you let the kids run around, or place heavy furniture down, ensure that you clean the grass as needed. Also, remember to brush up the fibers where they flattened.

On That Note,

As you have seen, an outdoor party on artificial grass is easy. So don’t be afraid of damaging your grass; it will hold just fine.