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Top 12 Tips For choosing Best Quality Artificial Grass

Landing quality but cheap artificial grass has its fair share of challenges. For starters, there are tens of hundreds of different types of artificial grass out there. To a regular consumer, all these different types of landscaping products all appear the same. To a trained landscaper, however, the differences are as pronounced as night and day.

The advice we have for homeowners as the leading experts in artificial turf grass is NEVER to rush when scouting for the right synthetic grass. Rushing will only cause you to make costly blunders. Take your time to learn a little more about the subtle but critical differences separating the different types of fake grass

What Are The Benefits of synthetic Turf Grass?

Synthetic lawns are an absolute delight for homeowners. These eco-friendly lawns are very convenient, especially for homeowners with busy lifestyles. They do not require to be watered, fertilized, or even mowed to keep them looking beautiful. Once you have installed the latest and best quality artificial grass, you will not have to worry about your lawns for the next five to ten years. After all, the green blades of varying heights are remarkably resilient to wear and tear in the artificial grass.

They are highly recommended for people who have always wanted to own the most appealing yard in the entire neighborhood. Opt for authentic artificial grass for dogs to create a lovely recreational space for the pets to play.

Here are some useful tips and ideas from our experts to guide you along your quest for quality artificial turf to transform your yards.

1. Traffic

The lifespan of your turf is primarily determined by the amount of traffic it experiences. You have to consider the number of people who will be accessing the grass. It would help if you thought about how often space will be busy with people. Deserted front porches tend to retain their integrity longer than artificial grass on a busy dog park. When you are shopping for turfs, always remember to check on the durability of the different lawns. If you intend to carpeting an area with dense traffic, you must go for high durability lawns. High durability carpets are not as soft textured as the low durability options, however.

2. Pile Height

Pile height refers to the length of the artificial grass blades from their tip to the base. Ideally, you are looking for grass blades with an average pile height of about 35mm. Long-bladed grass does not have that plush and comfortable feel. If you reside in an area with high rainfall, do not go for the high pile height grass. If it rains, the blades get heavier, and eventually, they fall to the ground assisted by gravity. That leaves your landscapes looking flat and unnatural. The role of your outdoor spaces influences the ideal pile height to choose. For instance, if you intend to place heavy furniture on the carpeted outdoor spaces, it is wise to go for the shorter turfs.

3. Quality

Quality turfs are designed using durable materials like polyethylene, polyamide, and polypropylene. World-class products have constant color schemes, are evenly backed, and excellent well-stitched turfs. The latest landscaping carpets do not come cheap. However, a smart homeowner understands that investing in a quality lawn is a sure win in the long-term. Not only will it help to improve their property valuation, but it will also add to the beauty of their lawns. To make sure you score the quality turfs, it is in your best interests to compare the offers from different manufacturers.

4. Turf Density

Ideally, you are interested in cheap artificial grass with the largest fiber or yarn per square unit of the fiber. The amount of yarn per square unit is a measure of the Turf Density. As you would expect, the turfs with the largest turf density are going to cost more. But why not pay a little extra and go home with the high turf density product that is comfortable and durable? That would indeed be the prudent move, more so, if it is meant to carpet a high traffic space. Did you also know that you can improve on the turf density of your lawns? Yes, the product’s density is improved by adding sand to the fake grass.

5. Infilling

Doing an infill is a very common practice with newly bought turfs. Infilling is a process of adding sand, rubber crumbs, or grit to make your turfs denser and a bit bulkier. Typical turfs contain infills comprised of materials such as Polyurethane latex or polyamide. These original infills, by themselves, are unable to withstand the impact of human traffic and need to be strengthened. Doing an infill saves you a huge sum of cash.

6. Weight

It is essential to consider the weight of the turf you are about to order. The higher the turf density, the bulkier and heavier your lawn is. Grass having tall pile height blades tend to be much heavier than their counterparts with short stubs. Before ordering that artificial turf, please consult with a building expert and ask them whether it is safe for you to place the products on your balconies or roofs.

7. Color

The best artificial grass exists in different shades. You can shop for dark green, olive green, lime green, or any other green-shade you fancy. Go for shades that complement your properties’ colors for beautiful results.

8. Maintenance

The biggest selling points of artificial turfs have to do with the ease of maintenance. Taking care of the latest grass is quite a straightforward process. You only require to hose it with soapy water once every couple of months, and you are good. That being said, however, there is still a need for you to read the user’s manual carefully and see whether your chosen turf has any special maintenance requirements. If possible, have the artificial grass sellers guide you through your first wash to get a solid firsthand experience of the task

9. Feel Samples

To make an informed turf buying decision, you will have to go through some samples. Hold the samples in your hands and slide them across your skin to get the real feel. You do not want a scenario where you got a turf that pricks your skin when you decide to lie in it. Go through as many samples as possible until you find one that feels just right to your skin.

10. Test Samples

It is not enough for you to feel the samples on your hands and skin. You should go the extra step of testing these turf samples at your property. That is the only way you can determine how the synthetic turf will behave once installed on your lawns. To test them, place the samples on your porches or rooftops to see how they look at different times of the day. Pour some water on the sample to test its drainage capabilities before making your final decision.

11. Backing

The backing is a measure of the number of holes and their frequency on your turf. A quality product has to have the right number of holes, and they should be spaced just right to help with water drainage. An ideal landscaping rag has holes to drain away rainwater and avoid pooling. Be very keen on the backing concern if you happen to live in a wet area.

12.Guarantee Policy

You must go with the grass that comes with a complete guarantee. Covered products give you the peace of mind that were anything to go wrong; then you would get compensated. Look for the suppliers offering installation guarantees as well. With these covers, you will not end up spending more to have the grass reinstalled if it does come off.

Start Hunting Your New Cheap Artificial Grass Now!

We hope that these top tips will make it easy, quicker, and cheaper for you to select your artificial lawns. Factor in these considerations when shopping for your dream yards, and you will never be disappointed. Consult widely with different lawn suppliers to get a clear picture of the different synthetic turf types. Research properly on the median artificial grass price to avoid getting ripped off.

Do not focus on the cost considerations only. Ask yourself of the other useful factors such as the product quality, the intended traffic, pile height, infill and backing, weight, and color when purchasing an artificial turf. If you are still experiencing difficulties finding the right cheap artificial grass for your yards, do not hesitate to consult with the experts. If you follow these tips, you will land a beautiful lawn in no time!