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Top 9 Tips for Artificial Grass maintenance and care

Investing in synthetic turf is one of the smartest decisions you can ever make as a homeowner. Apart from beautifying your front porches or backyards, these lawns also drive up your property value. Synthetic grass comes with many benefits, the most significant upside being just how easy it is to maintain and take care of them. You do not even need to hire certified gardeners to help you with turf care concerns. Neither will you require expensive and potentially harmful chemicals to keep your grass healthy.

This guide is ideal for that homeowner who yearns to have a lush green lawn, but they live in drought-prone areas. In this post, you will get to learn the easy steps that you require to ensure your artificial lawn stays green and beautiful all year long. Above all, this guide talks of the importance of investing in synthetic turf now to reap endless rewards later on. Here is how.

First, it is essential to appreciate that artificial turfs are a gift to the environment. In the past, homeowners resorted to using pesticides to control the weeds on their natural lawns. Over time, homeowners often find themselves spending much more on pesticides than it would have cost them to install an artificial turf on their front lawns or backyards. What is more, having pesticides or weedicides at your home can very easily cause accidents, especially with kids around.

Now, let us dive into the best routine maintenance practices you should perform to keep your grass looking green and unique, always. Use these tips and pointers, and sure enough, you will never need to worry about replacing your synthetic turf once installed.

1. Right Equipment

You will require the right set of equipment and tools to perform routine maintenance on your turfs. To keep your turfs looking lush and ever-green, you cannot escape investing in the right equipment such as leaf blowers, hoses, rakes, and brushes. The good thing is that all this garden care equipment often come cheap. Plus, this gardening equipment is readily available all over. Just visit your nearest local hardware stores, and you will find all the gardening tools and equipment you require.

2. Post-Installation Care

Once your artificial turf has been laid out, it is highly advisable to perform the following actions. Make sure you sweep off the excess sand that washes up on your artificial turf. Direct the excess sand to the infill to avoid pooling when you clean your lawn or when it rains.

3. Regular Cleaning

The best-looking lawns are the ones that are regularly cleaned. Repeated cleaning helps to remove dirt and debris that eventually accumulates in your backyards. Again, there is plenty of handy equipment to help you do away with any organic matter on the artificial turfs. These include garden vacuums, lawn sweepers, or even leaf blowers.

4. Tending the lawns

One of the main reasons why homeowners opt for fake grass is because it is easily maintained. With an artificial lawn, you will not need to bother with regular mowing. However, there is a need to perform a thorough cleaning of this lawn once in a while. Your pets or the kids are prone to leave messes on the lawn and, it is best practice to perform a deep cleaning on your artificial lawn once every three months or so.

5. Brush the Blades

Use a stiff brush to spruce up the lawn’s blades and leave them standing upright. These grass blades tend to bend upon being exposed to repeated traffic. To ensure your turf appears natural and beautiful, brush it once every month. Regular brushing leads to an evenly spread-out lawn. For excellent results, use a stiff brush having synthetic bristles.

6. Regular Rinsing

To create a picturesque lawn, you will need to rinse it often. Use mild detergents and plenty of water to wash off waste on your turfs. If you have accidentally spilt over heavier stains like motor oil or grease, use alcohol spirits to eliminate the unsightly spots. Repeated rinsing using a quality artificial turf cleaner discourages the breeding of critters and other bugs on your synthetic lawn.

7. Eradicate Odors

Your pets will poop or pee on your installed turf. With time, this waste starts to release foul odors. The food droppings left behind as people picnic on the turfs will eventually start to decay, leaving behind bad smells. To avoid having stinky turf, you are advised to mix a sweet-smelling deodorizer to your hosting water when cleaning. That way, you leave your lawns smelling great always.

8. Regular Weeding

By default, artificial turfs do not attract weeds. They are made using anti-bacterial chemicals that discourage the proliferation of weeds. Regardless of this fact, it is in your best interests to regularly check for any unwanted weeds. Take the time to inspect your turfs now and then and uproot any weeds that may appear using weedicides to kill off any weeds as soon as they appear.

9. Block Direct Sunlight

Exposure to direct sunlight compromises the quality of your installed turfs. The reflections from sliding glass doors or home windows also damage the lawns. To avoid such glare issues, have screens, shades, shutters, and awnings installed on your home windows and sliding doors. It is also good practice to pour water on the grass if the temperatures become a bit extreme.

Maintaining synthetic turf is relatively easy and straightforward. You only need a couple of inexpensive pieces of equipment such as leaf blowers and garden vacuums to clean your front porches or backyards. Since artificial turf maintenance is a hassle-free process, synthetic grass is very economical.

Buying an artificial lawn is an excellent lifetime investment. Yes, the initial costs of setting up a synthetic turf may be a bit steep, but in the long run, it is always a fantastic investment. You get to save countless dollars that you would have otherwise spent with a natural lawn. You do not have to think about the fertilizers and pesticides needed to keep a regular turf green and healthy with artificial grass. These turfs are cherished by many for their incredible convenience when it comes to maintenance costs. Invest in top-grade turfs for a profitable tomorrow!