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Why Turf Grass?

Over the years, the cost of maintaining and taking care of natural or real grass has led to the creation of what is now known as Turf grass or artificial grass.

Turf grass is an artificial grass, scientifically engineered and created to look and feel like natural grass. Materials used to create turf grass includes polypropylene, polyethene and nylon. Turf grass has a lifespan expectancy of up to 25 years. While many people over the years have had their reservations concerning the “fakeness” of turf grass, the cost of installation and maintenance and its effect on the good of the environment, recent updates have indeed changed the minds of many.

Unlike years past, turf grass made today have a more feel and look like natural grass. It is now more difficult to differentiate between turf grass and natural grass. Turf grass comes in a variety of color, shapes, grass lengths and texture.

With the help of a professional, turf grass is easy to install. These professionals make sure that the seams are completely hidden and that the perimeters and perfectly done to allow for water to seep through easily.

There are a few misgivings as regards turf grass

  1. They are expensive: Turf grass is considered to be expensive, and while this might be true of the one-time installation process, the cost of maintaining a natural grass outweighs the cost of turf grass in the long run. They consume less water which helps in saving cost. There is no need to buy a lawnmower, turf grass doesn’t need mowing.
  2. They look fake: the advancement of technology has helped in creating turf grass that looks and feels exactly like natural grass. With the help of professionals during installation, it is difficult to tell the difference apart from natural grass. You won’t know whether they are fake or not.
  3. They are not suitable for children: turf grass is perfect for your kids. Just buy the right texture and grass length. They are 100% lead-free and soft for children to play on.
  4. They are prone to drainage problems: With the help of a professional and proper installation, turf grass will cause no drainage problem.

There are lots of benefits that come with having turf grass, some of which are:

1. Low cost of maintenance: Although the cost of installing is high and some people might have to break the bank to be able to afford it, the cost of maintaining turf grass is very low. Here are a few reasons:

  • Less water consumption: Turf grass doesn’t need much water maintenance. An occasional rinse down to remove dirt is more than enough. This might be once or twice a month depending on the foot traffic it incurs. An occasional brushing through is also advisable. This helps in saving time and money. The money for the water bill can be channelled into something else.
  • Turf grass doesn’t need fertilizers and pesticides to keep grass healthy and green. This also helps in saving money.
  • Turf grass doesn’t need mowing. This means that you won’t have to buy expensive gardening tools like a lawnmower to maintain your garden.

2. Withstands intensive heat: Unlike real grass, turf grass can withstand intensive heat. It doesn’t get scorched by the sun. Turf grass gives you the perfect look and the perfect feel all year round; come rain, come sun, come winter come spring.

3. Versatility: Turf grass applies to wherever you deem fit. Their blades do not need to root, which makes perfect for anywhere one sees fit, such as the poolside, rooftops, terraces, balconies, etc. It is also applicable for indoor use. Turf grass is the best alternatives where grass doesn’t grow. Just make sure that there is an escape route for water.

4. Provides aesthetic value: As compared to real grass and at a low maintenance rate, turf grass provides aesthetic value to the environment. Turf grass comes in various shapes, sizes, colors, an array of blade length and texture. This helps make your home and surrounding beautiful to behold.

The purpose of creating turf grass is to enable a quality environment. Turf grass helps save water for our environment. Saving as much water as possible is essential. Water is one of the most essential elements for man to live by. Its importance cannot be overstated.


As said earlier, turf grass is an artificial grass scientifically engineered to look like real grass and has a lifespan of 25 years. The most amazing and unique thing about turf grass is its ability to go all year round and at a low maintenance rate. However, in this section, we’d be discussing the pros and cons of turf grass as compared with real grass.

Real grass or better known as natural grass is the God-given grass on the face of the earth. It comes in different species and varying blade lengths. It needs constant sunlight and water requirements to aid growth. It is also affected by season, that is, it is not an all-year-round phenomenon like turf grass.

Real grass is planted and not installed like turf grass. The blades of real glass need nutrients from the soil to effectively grow. This process is known as seeding.


While the seeding process of real grass might be cost-effective when compared to Turf grass, the maintenance of real grass is cost-intensive compared to turf grass. Maintaining real grass takes time; persistence and daily implementation of routines to ensure that the grass survives. The grass must be watered consistently, at least once or twice weekly. Turf grass needs only be watered once or twice a month and saves you the stress of having to watch the grass grow. This is to ensure that the grass has enough nutrients to stay green and healthy.


  1. Real grass also has its benefits, some of which include:Real grass helps improve the quality of air through purification. The grass blade captures broken down air-borne pollutants from the soil, thereby helping the purification process
  2. Generation of oxygen: Real grass helps in generating oxygen which improves the quality of breathable air.
  3. Real grass also helps improve soil quality.
  4. Real grass also helps in cooling the surrounding area.

As opposed to the benefits of having a lawn with real grass, the hassle of high maintenance can be encumbering compared to turf grass. The beauty of having turf grass is the minimal care and maintenance cost requires. You also do not have to worry about your lawn being scorched by the sun when you approach certain periods in the year. Turf grasses are easy to maintain, do not harbour dirt like real grasses, and with proper installation and drainage system, they will not give you any.